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Lazy Walking the Hoyt Arboretum

I am behind on my posts.  Oh well. Today I had a nice hike in the high country, but let me start by looking back to my last jaunt.   I have blogged about the Hoyt Arboretum before, which I grew up calling the “Arbo”.  It is notable mostly for the massive array of tree and plant species from around the world–over 2000 species are represented here.   I love finding trees from Scotland and Kamchatka in close proximity.  Many trails crisscross the hilly acreage in southwest Portland, but a road is always relatively close.

On this visit, I decided to simply wander back and forth.  I started on the Creek Trail, used a connector trail to cross over a road to find the White Pine and Bristlecone Pine trails, then veered off on the Fir Trail, where I passed a bamboo festival in the big shelter just below one of the main parking areas.  Ultimately I zigzagged on the Spruce Trail, Redwood Trail, and the mighty Wildwood Trail.  It made for a nice sinuous back and forth, frequently getting different perspectives on locations from the second trail.  I stopped at many benches in the area and read from Alan Lightman’s fascinating novel, Einstein’s Dreams.  Forcing myself to frequently stop (I probably sat at ten benches), made me slow down and be more aware of my surroundings.  I also read about 70 pages–the book goes quickly.  It was an enjoyable exercise.  Tune in next time for a report on adventures in Mt. Hood’s alpine tundra.