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Strolling Around Mount Talbert

After meeting a friend for a yummy lunch at Mehri’s Bakery and Deli the other day, my wife and I went for hike at a small wilderness park near Clackamas.  What started as a brief nature walk turned into a real hike on an overcast day.  We just kept going, creating a nice loop I’d done in reverse before.  One curious note was the white powder we saw at regular intervals on the switchbacks climbing out of the parking area.  I was careful not to let our pup sniff it.  Terrorism!  Anthrax!  Poison!  My mind goes into overdrive with worry on occasion. At the first major junction, a giant X and an arrow showed the powder was simply marking the way for a race or organized walk/run.  Relief ensued, and we enjoyed our paces through a pretty mixed forest.  The so called summit was a tease, with no significant views.

On the way down, we saw a deer but weren’t quick enough to get a decent shot.  One trailside tree seemed to have its own little watering trough.  Ferns grew on tree branches. Crazy foliage.  Light was fading fast as we returned to the trailhead.  I have to admit that I can’t wait for the days to start getting longer.  On this day of giving thanks, however, I am thankful for many things, among them the personal health and opportunity to take a hike with my bride.   I hope my readers also have reason for gratitude.


Giving Thanks for the Squirrels

Life does not always proceed according to plan. Okay, it almost never does.  And besides my self imposed tangents (Squirrel!), much has changed in my life since I started this blog.  I do not get to climb as many mountains as I like, but I savor memories of trips to the Wallowas, like this gray summit day on Eagle Cap where I was surprised to see a squirrel at well over 9000 feet.

The squirrel seemed to toy with me.   Matterhorn in the  background

The squirrel seemed to toy with me. Matterhorn in the background

I hope to continue feeling grateful for what I do have, like a great family, and what I am able to do, such as hiking on occasion rather than what I do not have or have not done.  Happy Thanksgiving, and happy hiking.