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Bald Knob,Virginia

Bald Knob,Virginia

Great views from ledges atop this small peak above Mountain Lake, Virginia. A few days ago, I flew east to celebrate my mother’s 80th birthday. After a wonderful party at a friend’s house, my sisters and I drove with Mom out to the resort near Blacksburg where Dirty Dancing was filmed. The oldest peakbagger I know nailed a 4000 foot peak with only a little huffing and puffing. Not bad, eh? Stay tuned. There are more photos to come.

The Black Crow King on High

The Black Crow King on High

A crow on Cathedral Ridge above McNeil Point on Mount Hood. I’d never heard a crow be so noisy in more than a caw-caw way. Hiking above the well known McNeil Point shelter led to great scrambling, nasty talus slopes, and various spectacular views. More to come.

Walking Portland, Thinking PCT

Hiking Locally, Thinking Globally

Knowing the weather was about to change, I got out of the house the other day to some urban open land and took the dog for a short walk after work. Partway across a meadow, I found patches of fennel, mint, and these lovely flowers. There would be no epic hike for me that day, only dreaming of wilderness beauty, and here, purple petals  that evoked the joy of natural beauty.  And sometimes, that is enough to give me that outdoor fix.

Urban Hiking, RIverwalk Style

Urban Hiking, RIverwalk Style

While not hiking, tourists can easily get some exercise taking in the sights of San Antonio. The famous Riverwalk is the aqueous centerpiece of one of the cooler downtowns I’ve seen. It is easy to walk from our hotel to many great restaurants, shops, and historic buildings, walking on paths besides the water, often crossing lovely stone bridges like the one above.  There’s also a little place called the Alamo to explore, along with Hotel Menger, whose ice cream is so good, President Clinton had it shipped to Washington.  Don’t worry, I got out for a real hike, so stay tuned.