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Cannon Beach Strolls

Although I enjoy the beach, I never think about it as a place to get exercise.  Silly me.  When my wife and I joined her sister and brother in law in Cannon Beach, we did a lot of walking on the sand.   My legs actually got a bit sore.  Beach walking has a few benefits.  1. No navigation required.  Just don’t go in the ocean like those crazy kids.  2. The views reach a loooong way.   3. The rocks are bizarre and awesome.  The downside?  Sand gets in everything.  Ultimately, being at the beach is invigorating and life affirming.  Especially when you see the flock of gulls on Haystack Rock go nuts and realize a bald eagle swooped in on their turf to rule the roost.  Not bad at all.  (Note:  Click on images to see them full size)