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Fire Lane Hiking

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m waiting for the game with hours to kill.  The weather is spectacular for February in Cascadia.  Must be time for a hike!  I have been fairly lazy about getting my hiking fixes lately, focusing more on other writing and creative endeavors (follow me on Instagram) but I was happy to hit Forest Park today with my canine pal, Jackie Chan.  The parking areas on Germantown Road were packed, which is normal on a weekend, especially when the weather is nice.   I parked on the shoulder and headed down a nearby fire lane.  People flock to the Wildwood Trail, but there is a lot more solitude on most Fire Lanes in Forest Park.  Fire Lane 10 dives down the side of a canyon, crossing a nice little creek.  Everything is green, which is more spectacular when the mossy edge of a tree limb are backlit.

Beyond the creek, there is some work to do. The fire lane climbs to the Linnton Trail, where I started seeing other hikers or runners.  The Linnton Trial is not too steep, but it’s all uphill for about a mile until it meets the Wildwood Trail.  From there I could meander back towards Germantown Road and my car.  Now I’m ready for the game.  Go Broncos!

Returning to Eagle Creek

After working 18 days straight thanks to pressures associated with the upcoming  holiday, I finally got a day off today.  I helped my broken-footed wife get set for the day in her arts shop, then took my faithful canine pal, Jackie Chan, to the Columbia Gorge for a stroll in the forest.  It was chilly and cloudy, so I decided the famed Eagle Creek trail wouldn’t be too overcrowded.  Normally I avoid popular trails, but there’s a reason this trail is so well known in in the area.  It’s easy, and it’s beautiful.  The round trip to High Bridge is a casual afternoon at 6.5 miles.  There were plenty of people on the trail, but it never felt crowded.  I hadn’t been here in a couple decades, and I was pleasantly surprised to find new spectacular features unfolding the entire way. By the time Jackie and I returned to the trailhead, I knew I would not wait two decades for another hike up Eagle Creek.

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