Powerlines in Reverse


Magical light


A couple years ago I did the powerlines hike in Forest Park, making a loop in conjunction with Newton Road, the BPA Road, and the Wildwood Trail.  That time went counterclockwise on the loop park, descending Newton Road first, then doing the climb up the BPA powerlines road.  Today I flipped the script and went clockwise, figuring I might get better views that way as  I descended the powerline road.  It was a bit muddy, but a fine hike if you don’t mind the namesake electrical lines overhead for a mile.  It’s a treat to be able to see three Cascade volcanoes in one view.  Ironically, because the view is skewed north, you can’t see the nearby Mount Hood.  Instead, Mounts St. Helens, Adams, and Rainier dominate the view across the Columbia.


Looking across North Portland toward St. Helens and beyond


I also found numerous tiny treasures in the woods as I walked along the muddy paths, through sunsplashed woods.  The trails were relatively deserted.  I walked about 6.6 miles, and I saw only six people, which isn’t too bad given the location of the trails. Not everybody wants to walk along powerlines, but the views are nice, and the climb back up Newton Road is a solid workout.


I loved this massive, open stump

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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