Sunday Stroll on the Springwater Corridor


Mallards having a good time on muddy Johnson Creek

I’ve written about the Springwater Corridor Trail before for a good reason.  It’s convenient, it boasts some nice scenery, and it’s an easy outdoor fix.  Today Jackie Chan and I walked a stretch just beyond our normal haunts.  To be sure, it’s not as pretty an environment, with industrial buildings nearby, but I was entranced early by ducks below a bridge over Johnson Creek, and then by an electrical tower getting taken over by vines.


The sign warns of high voltage. Plant life does not care.

There were not too many bikers or joggers today.  It was cool but not cold.  Perhaps they were gearing up for parties for the MLS Cup (Go Timbers!) or NFL games (the Eagles leading the Patriots?).   Perhaps it was the location in the open, near businesses and houses.  Still, there were pretty spots.  Jack sniffed like a madman as we walked.


This is strictly an out and back walk, unless you want to have a shuttle 15 or 20 miles away in Boring, where the trail ends.  We opted to turn around at a side street crossing the path. Two pups were coming in on the side street, and a bigger dog was headed toward us.  U turn.  It was far enough.  We took one last stop at a trailside bench.  Jack might have wondered why I didn’t sit there myself.  Perhaps when the place dries out a bit. Happy Sunday.



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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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  1. Such a cute companion.

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