Rock Hopping to a Heron’s Roost

Water, rock, trees.

Water, rock, trees.

At a secret location near Milwaukie, Oregon, I took my boy Jackie Chan for a river shoreline stroll.  This is no typical shoreline.  Hardly a sandy spot in sight, and the one we found was protected by audibly possessive Canada Geese.  One of the curious attributes of walking near a major metropolitan area is the juxtaposition of natural elements with manmade elements.  It was no different this afternoon.  I found remnants of what I believe is a dock, floating lumber surrounded by old stumps, and a heron badgering a kayaker when it neared the roost.

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The walk was almost entirely on rocks, so we did not move quickly. Yet with a narrow focus on nearby objects rather than on distant viewpoints, I found it endlessly fascinating, and very peaceful.  Seeing the heron take off multiple times with a great squawking, gracefully soaring over the river, was a highlight.  I only wish I had a better camera more suited to catching a magnificent creature in flight.  Perhaps next time.

Oh, for a better camera...

Oh, for a better camera…

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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    Lovely !

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