Wave Watching at Depoe Bay

The power of nature

The power of nature

The power of nature is everywhere.  Last week, before my wife and I wrapped up a brief but fantastic beach trip, we saw that power on display.  While dining at a great restaurant overlooking the shore, Tidal Raves, we noticed people walking out on a rocky point. Occasional massive waves crashed onto the point, and the hikers disappeared.  We both thought the hikers may have been a bit short of brain cells.  It looked like an amazing spot, enhanced by the potential danger of big waves. So of course I wanted to go out there too.

After finishing our tasty meal, we found an nearby access trail, and we wandered along the shore.  Denise was still recovering from a heel injury, so it was tough for her to attempt such a walk on uneven ground. Ultimately, she stayed on a grassy shelf above while I clambered out on the rocks, feeling at home.

As I headed to the end of the point, the surface became very irregular.  It seemed to be some kind of volcanic rock.  I definitely had to watch my step.  I skirted a steep drop off and crossed a gap in the rock where wave surges came through, then clambered onto high ground to wave gawk.  In moments, I was mesmerized.  Such power, such beauty.  Even as I wanted to move about, I could not turn my back on the waves.  Not every wave was spectacular, but there was a large one on a regular basis.  A human being on the rocks seemed inconsequential.

Denise looking for whales

Denise looking for whales

Other people were also watching the ocean further up the cliffs that resembled a bluff, and I sauntered that way after leaving the point.  Denise and I looked for whales but did not see any.  As we walked back to our car, a man and woman said they had seen multiple humpbacks slightly to the north.  It was good day on the Oregon coast.

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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