Bucket List Hike Daydreaming

Above McNeil Point on Mt. Hood.  Not bad.

Above McNeil Point on Mt. Hood. Not bad.

I haven’t had any epic trips in a while.  The image above is a year old now. But this morning I stumbled on an image of a spot in Norway, and I was reminded what gorgeous scenery surrounds the fjords.  I want to go there!  I’d also love to hike in the Dolomites, climbing a peak or two the easy way. Before that, I should probably hit my family’s ancestral homeland in Scotland.  Ben Nevis, here I come!  Ah, but I’m only dreaming.  If money were no consideration, where would you like to hike?

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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  1. Doing it now! Dolomites are my favorite, followed closely by Liguria!

  2. Iceland. Patagonia. Scotland, for sure…

    • Oooh. Patagonia. Yeah, that would be amazing to see Cerro Torre and its surroundings. There are no wrong answers. I also really want to get up to Banff sometime.

  3. The Dolomites, armchair hiking from a cafe in a small village, or Nepal; wait, the rocky coastline of Ireland, and maybe a walk about Iceland, Patagonia, Machu Picchu…so many places so little time.

  4. Have a family trip planned in 2016 to visit family in Scotland and Ben Nevis is on my list!

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