Willamette Valley Drought

Drier than a good martini

Drier than a good martini

It’s been a long dry spell, and I don’t mean for the Chicago Cubs.  I can’t remember the last significant rainfall in the Portland metro area.  We are way behind on our annual precipitation, and while the temps have cooled off in the past couple days, the area is still dry as a Melville novel.  The grass in most yards yellowed weeks ago.  Keep in mind that I live in an area visitors typically think is always gray and wet.  While winters can be gray and long, Portland tends to get less annual precipitation than cities such as New York, Washington, Miami, Memphis, and New Orleans.  Summers here are great for outdoor activities, but I am concerned this year.  A few nights ago, my wife and I ate on a restaurant deck recently.  We were shocked to find the creek below the deck had vanished. It looked more like Southeast Oregon or Nevada than a spot in the lush Willamette Valley. I walk every day in my job, but I long for a hike in the rain.  This too shall pass.

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  1. I’ve been making trips to Portland every few months for the past year for my daughter’s pregnancy and birth of my grandson. Every trip has been sunny skies and above average temps. At first I kept hearing, “It’s not usually like this.” Now it’s, “Can we have our rain back, please?” We haven’t had a single 100 deg day yet down here in Dallas, so things are certainly backwards!

  2. I’m worried for our water sources on the PCT this year when we hike, and for the fire danger. Fingers crossed it all works out ok.

  3. Crazy hot and dry up here in Washington too- broke all previous heat records by a wide margin in June. Shocking there are still folks out there who deny the reality of global warming. The longer we wait the worse it’s going to get…

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