The Sick, the Sore, and the Sluggish Beat the Heat at Mary S. Young State Park

A weak but game Jackie Chan finds a hydrant in the Mary S. Young woods.

A weak but game Jackie Chan finds a hydrant in the Mary S. Young woods.

Our pup Jackie Chan is sick, having been diagnosed this week with megaesophagus.  We learned that after he’d spent ten days unable to keep food down.  We will have to change the way we feed him for the rest of his life. This requires a vertical position, during and after feeding, which is a challenge until we get a custom chair.  Now that we know how to do it, he is keeping food down and hopefully getting stronger.  My wife Denise has had her own challenges in the past few months, many stemming from a crushed heel bone. It is no ordinary break.  Six months later, while I am feeling lazy, it’s finally time for a family hike.

Mary S. Young State Park is not dramatic like Smith Rock or Silver Falls, yet it offers ball fields, access to the bank of the Willamette River, and plenty of easy hiking trails, which was perfect today.  Denise, Jackie, and I took a walk on the Blue Heron Creek Loop Trail.  The trail was flat for a while, meandering among oaks, alders, and Douglas firs, but there were two sections of switchbacks when it crossed small canyons.  Out in the open, the sun had been beating down, but the forest was a very pleasant temperature.  There were some fantastic old growth trees.  Because Jackie was still weak, we did not complete the entire Blue Heron Creek Loop, but took a shortcut down a paved path back to the parking lot and air conditioning.

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  1. Poor Jackie Chan! I hope he gets better quickly. Looks like a nice family outing.

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