Wilderness Close to Home

The slight opening inside the loop trail made for great light on this tree

In the middle of Wilderness Park

I am always looking for green swaths of undeveloped land near me, and I tire of going to the same old places repeatedly. A photographer friend mentioned a nature park in West Linn, but I never caught the name.  No problem.  What I found was Wilderness Park, fifty-plus acres of pretty woods in the middle of upscale suburbia.

The trailhead, minutes from West Linn High

The trailhead, minutes from West Linn High

The trail system seemed relatively simple.  I could make a loop from various points. In short order, I found myself climbing a rather steep set of stairs with rounded log steps.  They seemed unique on the way up, but I had a different adjective for them on a wet descent.

Looking up the steps. Wait, I might have to huff and puff?

Looking up the steps. Wait, I might have to huff and puff?

Once on the loop, the trail is at an easy grade, and the walking is pleasant.  It is a good place to escape from the noise of the world, even for brief visit.

Cool greenery, and a fungus among us

Cool greenery, and a fungus among us

I found myself looking at the subtleties of the greenery a lot.  Leaves fascinate me at times as the perfect examples of the cycle of life.  The tree might not die for centuries, but the leaves come and go annually.   They are so green with youth in the spring, colorful in their maturity, and then they fall, wither, decompose, and vanish. I find it beautiful to note the way they add different notes to a landscape depending on the light.

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Even on a wet gray day, Wilderness Park was great place to hike locally.  I also found a second nature park on the way home, which I believe is the one to which my friend referred, but that’s for another post. Happy trails.

Jackie tested, Jackie approved.

Jackie tested, Jackie approved.

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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  1. Flying to Portland tomorrow and will tell my daughter about this park. She’s always looking for new places to hike–and I’m happy to hike anywhere when I get there! Strangely, looks like you’re getting an very early spring and we’ve had nothing but snow and ice lately!

  2. Happy tails, if you’re Jackie Chan 😉 Amazing how much peemail there is to read along the trails.
    Your lush green surroundings are good for my soul. I’m glad you went for a hike 🙂

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