A Tale of Two Rivers Walking

Too lazy to drive to a serious hiking destination, I went out for a day and hit two trails along riverbanks.  The first was a mere paved path along the Clackamas river in Gladstone, relatively near its confluence with the Willamette.  It’s definitely an urban hike (the DMV is a block away from one end of it), but there is still plenty of beauty.  Multiple people were fishing in a short stretch downstream from the popular High Rocks area.  I found some unique human interest points, too, like a park dedicated to a volunteer fire department chief.   As a former firefighter for 11 years, I found that very touching.  Nearby, there was a public Christmas tree, still fully bedazzled with decorations. The pretty path ends shortly, so I doubled back, and made my mind up to check out a park along the Willamette.

I’d heard of a small nature preserve in West Linn, but didn’t know its name. I took a quick look at a digital map, and drove less than ten minutes to a trail there.   It began in a heritage property that abuts a park.  Nobody was walking on the trail but me, although I did see one mountain biker at the far end, in what is called Burnside Park.  In the end, I realized this was not the nature preserve, but the walking was rewarding anyway.  It was a beautiful, if chilly afternoon, and taking two walks for the price of one was just the ticket to recharge my personal batteries.


About Josh Baker

"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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