Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

JC at the Dog Bowl

JC at the Dog Bowl

Saturday night, I decided to go for a walk after dark with my dog.  I headed away from the streetlights,  instantly ramping up the potential for adventure.  Every dark spot seemed rife with danger.  Every subtle noise might be a panther.  Years ago, I walked half a mile or so into Tryon Creek State Park in complete darkness, without a flashlight.  Walking by feel, my imagination went into overdrive. It is quite an experience.  This time was much mellower.  I was close to home.  But it was not without a sense of adventure.

A few blocks from home I encountered a police car blocking the street, its light bar flashing.  A man was getting arrested.  We walked past the scene to the natural darkness of the Dog Bowl.  At the south entrance,  I hesitated for a moment before cutting Jackie loose and descending. I seemed to be  the only person down there.  The industrial area across the river was visible by its lights.  Right around the grassy bowl, the darkness around us was deep. Eventually we rambled up the path on the far side of the bowl, where we encountered two young guys philosophizing on a bench.  That’s what passes for adventure in my life. I hope to change that soon.

About Josh Baker

"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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