Soothing Spot on Swan Island

Shhh... Beautiful Spot in Industrial Land

Can you spot Jackie Chan? He’s pulling a ninja dog photobomb.

This afternoon, the wife and I found a great spot to walk in one of the least likely spots in Portland–Swan Island, known for its shipping and industrial businesses. It is also the place where I ran the fastest 10K of my life, about 37 minutes, more than a few cheeseburgers and gray hairs ago.  Today, I’d be lucky to remain upright.

We’d heard about a nice walking path along the river behind the businesses and easily found it beyond the Daimler office. There were multiple spots to access sandy and rocky beaches, which our pup loved.  The flat concrete walkway had pine trees and benches alongside it and boasted views of the Willamette and the hills of Forest Park.  Not bad at all. It’s just another surprise Portland offers its residents. Heck, it almost made me want to break out the rollerblades. Almost.

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