Madrona Park: A Hidden Stash of Woods

Looking back the way we came

Looking back the way we came

Months ago I saw a signpost of the sort one sees at park entrances.  Yesterday, looking at Google Maps, I saw a swatch a green in the area of the sign, meaning park land.  It said Madrona Park.  Color me intrigued!   Today, after the Broncos beat the Patriots, and before the Seahawks did what they do (Legion of Boom!), I wanted to take the pup out, and it was sunny.  Time to investigate.

Jackie Chan standing tall as he eyeballs the sun

Jackie Chan standing tall as he eyeballs the sun

I was lucky enough to have my best gal join me.  The sun was out when we left, but there was just a touch of chill in the air. To me, that is perfect walking weather.  We found the best access point on the downhill side of the road after a few minutes.  What could barely be described as a trail angled down through open deciduous woods that reminded me of the east coast.

Looking north through the woods

Looking down to a little open glade

Halfway down, there a girdle shelf that traversed the slope.  I wondered if it were manmade.  Through the trees, you could see some industrial landscapes.   Trains idled noisily at the foot of the scarp.  So it was not exactly wilderness, but it was nice to know this was so close to home.   If I return, I  might descend the steep slope to the open area at a bend in the slope.  Today, I had a game to get back and watch.   It was a good day to be in the Northwest.

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"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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