Columbia Slough Jaunt

Columbia Slough Jaunt

Early this gray afternoon, Jackie Chan and I had an hour to venture out before I had a meeting. I found a path along the Columbia Slough I hadn’t walked before. I recently learned there is another section of paved path in the area. I will look for it soon. Today, this was enough.

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  1. You have to bring Jackie Chan to Rome. Jack Russells are very big here! He’s such a good little trail buddy and photo subject.

    • There is actually a chance we might travel to Italy this summer. Bringing Jackie might be tricky, but I know my wife would want to. I’ll keep you posted!

      • Wow! I’d advise to leave Jackie behind as fun as it would be to have him here. The regs are challenging to bring a pet to the EU and very costly for a trip. I shudder to think of what it cost to bring two cats here!

        Please let me know if you are coming to Rome and we’ll meet up, or if you need advice on planning. Happy to help!

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