Urban Hiking in Federal Way, and Puget Sound too

While on a four day working vacation with my wife in Federal Way, Washington, I was able to take a few opportunities to stretch my legs and find some pleasant spots.  There were a couple nice parks right in town, notably Celebration Park, where I wandered more than anticipated after I needed some emergency work on my car.


The BPA trail is a broad winding broad path beneath powerlines, but it had some nice foliage too.  It was quite chilly in the shadows, and I turned off on a nature trail that seemed to veer into a sunnier grove.


Later in the day I again found my self on the edge of Celebration Park.  It was walking distance from the auto shop as well as from where Denise was working, and I managed to find some lovely spots.


Later in the afternoon, after picking up the car, we headed west toward Puget Sound in search of seafood restaurants.  Near Dash Point, a small beachside community, we walked at a waterfront park.  It was gorgeous and cold.  The food we ate later capped off the day perfectly, and even as the light slipped away, I remembered some lovely images of Puget Sounds.



Looking across Puget Sound toward the Olympic Mountains.

About Josh Baker

"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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  1. Ah, my old stomping grounds, Federal Way. I grew up there, and I have a lot of memories. A little more specifically, I spent my high school years in that town (although Federal Way had not been incorporated yet). My sister still lives there, but I have moved on…

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