Elk, Rain, and Beer at the Oregon Coast

Jackie raced away here--wet cell phone shot

Jackie raced away here

I could say that our quick trip to the beach went without a hitch.  I could say that the weather was perfect.  I could say that my wife was thrilled about hiking today at Ecola State Park.  I could say that our dog again amazed me with his training.  Sadly, those would all be lies.

It was misty when we arrived at our hotel.   A walk on the beach quickly got interesting.  We took the wrong path and ended up in a broad grassy area in front of condos.  Not a soul was around.  We thought it was a good place to let Jackie Chan off leash.  Wrong.  I threw the ball once, and he ran hard—the wrong way, immediately veering to the south.  I called to him, but he kept going.  I noticed manure on the ground that looked a bit like horse droppings.  It turned out there was a herd of elk on the Oregon coast.  I could see a few heads beyond some dune grass.  Jackie returned in a few minutes.  The leash stayed on after that, as we walked in the rain on the sand.

Looking south from a viewpoint, Ecola State Park

Looking south from a viewpoint, Ecola State Park

We had a nice evening in the McMenamin’s Gearhart Hotel, enjoying happy hour and a movie, then relaxation in our room.  In the morning, we went out for a second walk on the beach.  Neither rain nor elk interfered this time.  We had a great breakfast at the hotel, then packed up and headed to Ecola State Park.  As Denise was still recovering from a medical procedure, she wasn’t up for much hiking. We did manage to stretch our legs a bit, then we headed home, feeling lucky that the beautiful Oregon coast is close enough for short trips..

Looking north from a point on the trail, Ecola State Park

Looking north from a point on the trail, Ecola State Park

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  1. Beautiful photos as usual. Hope your lady gets her hiking legs back soon and that Jackie gets out of the dog house in time to be in a few pics of your next hike!

  2. We were just at Ecola State Park over a week ago. Enjoyed it greatly–no rain and just a bit chilly. Figured there were elk nearby as we have seen them other years in the area. (Stayed in Cannon Beach, a first as we like to stay further south.) Nice post!

  3. At least it was interesting? Time on the coast is always restorative.

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