San Francisco–Walking Style

Hate to disappoint anyone, but I didn’t leave my heart in San Francisco.  I did however, have a great visit in a part business and part pleasure trip.

Jackie Chan the Wonderdog posing in Union Square

Jackie Chan the Wonderdog posing in Union Square

Denise was doing some work, and I drove down to join her a couple days later.  We had some great meals (Belden Place is a great café alley), some did some serious urban walking up some amazing concrete hills, and saw an amazingly goofy parody musical called Beach Blanket Babylon.  It’s been running so long in the same venue, the city renamed the street out front Beach Blanket Babylon Boulevard.   The wigs, oh the wigs!

One of the highlights was going to the ocean on our last day in the city.  Yes, San Francisco is not only the city by the bay (Oh no, now a Journey song is in my head!), it’s also perched on the Pacific.  At a spot called Land’s End, my wife and I found a restaurant called the  Cliff House that had a great if pricey lunch with stellar views of the Pacific.

Looking toward Cliff House from Sutro Baths

Looking toward Cliff House from Sutro Baths, a former resort

Afterward, we cruised north on an easy trail that had a few challenges in its options.  From Cliff House we walked a mile and a half to Eagle’s Nest.  A lot of people were walking the mostly flat trail, along with some runners.  At points there were trail junctions leading to the beach, the Legion of Honor Museum, and other destinations.   In spots the foliage was fairly dense, and it was usually lovely.


The hole in the rocks is heart shaped. This must mean something! Someone left their heart….

At one point, there was a fence blocking access to Painted Rock because it was dangerous and there were concerns about erosion.   I understood the concerns and kept walking.  I was surprised when we got a view of the area from a couple minutes later above to see a number of people behind the barricade.  I understand willingness to take personal risks, but to me, the risk of environmental degradation trumps that desire for freedom.

The Pacific below our placid trail

Looking toward the Golden Gate from the placid trail

Later, we had to visit nearby Baker Beach.  The neighborhood was upscale, but the beach was deserted. True, Iit was rather windy. Few people were on the sand. It was a perfect spot for Jackie Chan to.    We would not complain when leaving town and heading to the East Bay, the skies clearer and the temperature more than twenty degrees higher.  Great trip and great walking was had by all.

Golden Gate from Baker Beach.  Far side has a touch of sun.

Golden Gate from Baker Beach. The far side has a touch of sun.

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  1. Despite your kind of lousy weather, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Thanks for sharing. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there.

  2. We drove through there not too long ago, and it was so crowded, we didn’t stay long. Great photos!

  3. Our favorite city in the world. Have you hiked the Marin Headlands?

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