Straight out of Linnton; a perfect short hike

Sometimes the destination we seek is impossible to attain, and what actually transpires on a journey can be more important than what’s on the original itinerary.  But enough sophomoric philosophy.  How about some hiking?  This afternoon I headed toward a particular trailhead, and while enroute, I discovered the Linnton Trail.  Dare I say that I took the path less traveled, and it made a heck of a difference?  Okay, probably not.  I shouldn’t mangle the poet’s intent, as many do.


The Linnton Trail takes off from a small parking area behind a bus stop on Highway 30.  It follows a creek for a short distance, then crosses it and heads into some switchbacks. At some point, I started hearing voices, and assumed I’d meet other hikers, but I never encountered them.  It turns out there is a neighborhood just over the ridge, and as I climbed, I realized I was hearing children playing.  I was reminded of a lyric by ‘Til Tuesday: “voices carry”.

IMG_6468 IMG_6473

Once across creek, Jackie and I put some effort into it.  A fair amount of elevation had to be gained.   I tried to guess how far I was from the trail I’d last weekend.   Later, I would figure it out.  The Linnton Trail eventually runs into Firelane 10, which is going straight up the hill then.

IMG_6482 IMG_6483

I found a pleasant loop detour called the Keyser Trail, which seems designed for mountain bikers who don’t want to deal with a steep pitch on their bike.  It rejoins Firelane 10 in three tenths of a mile.  Shortly after that, the fire lane intersects with the Wildwood Trail.

This was the section I had hiked when headed to the Powerline Trail.  Today, I was content to  simply head back downhill, taking photos of bulbous tree bases, moss thick enough for pillows, and wonderful light striking ferns.

IMG_6486 IMG_6487


My trail choice may not have made all the difference, but the Linnton Trail is certainly worthwhile for a quick afternoon hike.  Hikers on it will burn some calories and see some pretty forest. It’s also good for solitude. I only saw two boys at the very bottom of the trail, just as I was returning to the car, pleased with myself yet again as I pondered what larger hike to tackle soon.  Ah, choices!


P.S.  This is the one year anniversary of my blog. I’m not hip or brilliant or tech savvy enough to have 10,000 followers yet, but I appreciate those I do have.  Thanks for reading.  Pass it on, and more importantly, get out there and hike, climb, run, bike, ski, or whatever you like to do outside.   Cheers.


About Josh Baker

"The world is big and I want to have a good look at it before it gets dark.” ― John Muir

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  1. Congrats on your blogiversary!

  2. Congrats on your 1 year!! Looks like a great hike, but now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks. I haven’t even heard that one in years!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! The last few hikes you have described – are they on county or state land? Just curious.

  4. For some reason moss fascinates me. It’s so cushy and welcoming for a nap, but so intricate, begging to be inspected. And the ferns are just asking children to play hide-n-seek.
    Are your woods mosquito/black fly/deer fly ridden? We are in the thick of bug season, which makes some of our hikes incredibly frustrating :-/
    Happy Blogoversary 🙂

  5. Congrats on your anniversary!!! .\*I*/. Those were fireworks, sorta. Love the trail reminded me of Bosnia

  6. I can’t believe the size of the tree base in the one picture! It’s huge!

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